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Youth Work

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Life is complicated.
It comes with all sorts of challenges, and problems, and chances to mess up. But there are also so many incredible things to see and do, questions to ask, friends to make, and places to go.
We don't have all the answers, but you're always welcome to join us
as we explore what it means to live life, ponder the big questions,
discover what faith is and what it might mean to you,
and do our best to enjoy the journey together.

You can reach the youth team via Instagram or Facebook (credcongyouth)
or by email:





Sundays, 10:30-12noon


Core meets as part of our wider Sunday services. We usually start in church, then head off to do our own thing for most of the morning - games, challenges, the occasional hot chocolate, Bible, prayer and lots of biscuits.

Find us in the main church space before the service.

friday night.png



Fridays, 7pm-8:30


Friday Youth is a lot - pool, air hockey, table tennis, various consoles, two chill-out spaces (with bluetooth speakers), the patio and garden, weekly activities and free food. All for just £1 on the door.

Find us in the Karis Hall - up the footpath to the left of the church, in through the black gate and up the ramp.

See what else we've been getting up to here...

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