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A few years ago, we pulled together links to all these websites, blogs and channels. Some will help you explore and live out your faith, others will challenge you, help you to get creative, give you new ways to chill out, or are just there because we thought they were fun.


The Rebelution : don't settle for mediocre - do more with your life (and find out how here)

Fervr : articles, devotions, life, fun, videos, bible, prayer and more

Festive : live and share your faith, wherever you are

Open Doors Youth : supporting the persecuted church across the world

RE:Quest : huge online resource with information on Jesus, the Bible, issues and more

Bible Project : brilliant videos exploring Bible books and themes

Bible Gateway : the Bible online, and tools to help read it

Rend Collective : songs, videos, chords, blogs - the whole Rend experience


Spree : home of Create, Deeper, Encounter, and Spree's Got Talent

Limitless TV : short chats exploring how the bible connects to real life

CreationFest : see the team 'on air' all through the summer

Luminosity : worship, teaching, ministry, seminars and activities

The Way : a couple of young people sharing thoughts on faith and life


24/7 Prayer : prayer ideas and resources

Lectio 365 : a daily prayer app, and a brilliant way to make time each day with God

The Blessing : worshippers from across the country united in song


Smarter Every Day : slow-motion, lasers, inventions, the backwards bike and way more

Tom Scott : zero-G planes, zip-lining round corners and garlic bread in space, just for starters

Stand-Up Maths : domino computers, torsion cannons, and a whole new way to look at numbers

Mark Rober : sharks, ninja squirrels, jello pools and the world's largest nerf gun

VSauce : matchbox computers, the game you win by losing, the potato paradox and more

Boid Algorithm : how do starlings do that flocking thing? Find out here

Cinema Wins : find out just what makes your favourite films so great

Museum Tours : visit galleries and museums across the world


Headstrong : look after your mental health through real life stories and helpful questions

Kooth : an online mental well-being community, because we all need help sometimes

Sleep Calculator : find out how much sleep you need, and how to fit it in



Instructables : how to do pretty much everything

Origami : the ancient Japanese art of paper folding

DuoLingo : learn to speak in various languages

Codecademy : learn to code in various languages

Good Tricks : impress people with your mastery of magic


Incredibox : mix your own music

Patatap : mess around with sounds and visuals

Silk : interactive art generator - chill and create at the same time

Pixlr : online photo editor

NaNoWriMo : write your own novel

99 things to do : so many good ideas


Monterey Bay Aquarium : live camera feeds of penguins, sea otters, sharks and more

A Soft Murmur : ambient sounds to chill with - it's so relaxing

MyNoise : over 200 soothing soundscapes to help you drift away

Astronomy : check out the deep space photo of the day

100,000 Stars : explore the galaxy

The Far Side : surreal comics, updated daily

Radio Garden : access 8000 radio stations from across the world


100 party games : a YouTube video with a lot of games - have fun

Little Alchemy : combine air, earth, fire and water to make just about everything

Drench : change colours, fill the board, and that's it

Got Rhythm? : can you keep to the beat? Find out here

Kahoot : free games with an educational twist

TED Riddles : exercise your brain with these beautifully presented riddles

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