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Meet the Team

Our staff and leadership teams are made of different people from all walks of life. We’re delighted to have so many talented people to help us guide and direct the day-to-day operations of Crediton Congregational Church.

Here's what they do, and what they look like (in case you're ever trying to find them).

James Gregory

James does a lot of the preaching at CCC.  You will often see him strutting around with a guitar too. He is part of the leadership team who take care of the day to day running of the church and report to the Church Meeting.


Dave Poulson (1).jpg

Dave is responsible for our youth, children's and pre-school teams, plus a few other things like Lifegroups. He's also part of the Connect team at QE School, preaches occasionally, and is also on the leadership team. 


Dave Poulson
Associate Pastor


Hannah Martin

Hannah works part-time in the Manse (next door to the church), on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. She loves all things admin, and you may also spot her at the piano on a Sunday morning as part of the worship team.


Di Christensen

Di is on the staff team as our cleaner but she also wears many other hats in the church - coffee and welcome team, children’s work and catering to name a few. She also writes musicals!

chris new.jpg

Chris Parsons
Leadership & Safeguarding

Chris joined the leadership team in February 2018 taking a lead on serving the community. She is the chairperson of Crediton Foodbank and loves watching live music and the Exeter Chiefs!


Sarah Preece
Leadership team

Sarah loves being part of the worship and preaching teams and joined the leadership team in 2019. She co-ordinates the outreach team at CCC, with the aim that everyone would know God's amazing love for them.


Jess Lee
Leadership team

Jess joined the leadership team in Summer 2021 and looks after the worship at CCC. We try to create an environment and opportunities for people to meet with God in ways that are relevant.

Caroline Smith_edited.jpg

Caroline Smith
Leadership team

Caroline rejoined the leadership team at the end of 2020. She has the role of overseeing the part of CCC’s visiion which says ‘To be a Christian Family’ and as such is involved in our pastoral care team, Causeway and Coffee and Company.

Sue Williams

Sue looks after the finances of CCC. It’s her you need to see if you want a Gift Aid or a standing order form.

Sue K_edited.jpg

As well as leading our Tuesday Fishtank Coffee Morning and being supportive in many other areas of church life, Sue is our Church Secretary. In this role she endeavors to ensure that the Congregational framework is adhered to as she chairs the Church meetings. 


Sue Keogh
Church Secretary

Guy Cochran
Safeguarding Officer

Guy monitors all volunteers and leaders working with young people and vulnerable adults at CCC; checking they have up to date safeguarding DBS checks and ensures CCC have the correct safeguarding policies and procedures in place for all organized church run groups.


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