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Online Sundays




As the lockdown eases, and things start to get back to normal, we're able to have meetings again here in our church building. But CCC isn't really a building - it's a community of people. And Sundays aren't just about meeting together in person (although that's fun) - they're about gathering as that community to encourage each other, to help each other to grow, and most importantly, to worship God. 

So if you're still not able to join us in person, for whatever reason, you can still be part of the service, and the community, through our live online stream. This is another new thing for almost all of us, and hopefully we can answer a few of your questions here:


Our live stream is an internet broadcast running right in the middle of the church service. We've got a camera and microphone in the meeting space, so you can see and hear everything that's going on. Our services are currently a little more limited than usual (no singing, for example), but what we are doing works really well online - you can follow most of the prayers on your screen, listen to the bible, and even share in a virtual communion.

how do i join in?

Our live stream happens during the 10.30am meeting on Sunday morning, email us. Hop over to our YouTube channel, where you can catch the live stream on Sunday mornings, or watch a recording during the week. There's a link at the top and bottom of the page.  

YOU DIDN'T mention children and young people...

True. That's because our children's and youth groups are now able to meet face-to-face during the 11am service. So there's no specific live stream for them (although they're welcome to join in with you if they can't make it to us in person).


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