During the current Coronavirus situation Crediton Foodbank is now a delivery only service to minimise contact and keep people safe.

Ring, text or email Chris (the co-ordinator), who will assess your eligibility and arrange a delivery slot

07740 202721       creditonfoodbank@gmail.com


Crediton Food Bank is a ‘Christians Together in Crediton’ initiative, providing emergency food for local people in crisis.

Today in Crediton and its outlying villages there are families struggling to put food on the table. For people on low incomes, a sudden crisis – redundancy, benefit delay or even an unexpected bill can mean going hungry. Every day, parents are skipping meals to feed their children and people are forced to choose between paying the rent and eating.

The food bank is run entirely on a voluntary basis and operates from the Manse - next door to the Congregational Church. You will find the staff caring and non-judgemental. Also, they will treat your needs with the strictest of confidence.

To use the service:
Should you need to use the services of the food bank, or perhaps know of someone else who may, then you will first need to seek a referral from any of the care professionals listed below:


Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
01363 778410
open Mon, Wed, Thurs 10am - 3pm


Crediton Children's Centre
01363 777219

Health Visitors and School Nurses
03332 341902

Farm Crisis Network
0845 3679990

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT)
01884 255606

Visit Crediton Tues 2 - 4.30pm


Community Mental Health Team (Hillbank)
01363 771100

Workclub for the unemployed @ Crediton Library
01363 776930
contact: Beatrice Coveney (alternate Weds)

The above contacts hold vouchers, which, having been issued, can be redeemed at the food bank for approximately three days of food.

To donate:
Like all banks, to keep it going it needs to be topped up. So, if you are able, please bring some food along to help keep the food bank going. Collection boxes for food are available at Stevie B’s or the Yellow Bookshop on the High Street. There is also a collection box clearly labelled toward the front of the Congregational Church near the Coffee Bar. We are currently in need of the following items: 

  • Jars of bolognese sauce 

  • Sugar

  • Blue UHT Whole-Milk

  • Biscuits

  • Tinned ham 

  • Tinned Tomatoes

  • Tinned Garden peas

  • Cereal

  • Jam 

  • Meat Meals

To volunteer:
Should you be interested in helping as a volunteer, then we would love to hear from you. Volunteer roles can vary from collecting goods, stocking shelves or collecting / delivering donations.


Tel: 07740 202721
E-mail: creditonfoodbank@gmail.com




You can link to our current online activities through the boxes on the Home page.

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(with information about services, prayer meetings, and various other resources), please contact the office: cccmanse@gmail.com

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